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Army Wives on Lifetime Wins in Social Media

If you don’t watch the show Army Wives on Lifetime, you really are missing out.  There is not much mainstream media out there showcasing the military community and doing so in a candid light-showing the positive and the difficult times.  With my posts, you will come to learn that I very much support the media giving the troops a positive shoutout.  It is very easy to concentrate on the bad and the ugly, after all that is what makes the news these days.  For a change, I would love to see some music and entertainment influencers doing something to show the troops in a different light.  There are a few, but not very many.  Carson Daley and Steven Colbert leading the pac in their fields.

What really impresses me about this show is the use of social media. I think everyone wants to get into the the space these days that the communities often lack authenticity and pulse.  What is amazing about Army Wives community on Lifetime is that actual army wives gather to talk about their real issues and talk about the show.  The episodes are designed in such a way that lends the audience to become interactive and want to talk about the show.  It is also pretty neat that the stars of the show have done a USO tour and visited a few bases already.  If you watch the show, checkout the online community on Lifetime and it will give you a 360 degree expsoure into the military community.  Looking forward to tonight’s season 3 premiere.  Hope it will be a good one!

If the show does end up venturing into branded entertainment (i think there is so much potential) I do hope they remain authentic to what the show stands for.


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