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Bridging the Gap Between Military and General Public

In yesterday’s post I talked about how great it is that Steven Colbert and Carson Daly are so vocal about their troop support. They both have done a great job of being consistent and standing behind what they say. Often times, we see entertainers go overseas for a tour and it ends at that. Sure, they made a big impact while performing but it is sad to see that it ends after that. There are only about a handful of celebrities out there that continue to work with our troops on a continued basis and showcase their experiences with the rest of us.

I can’t stress how important it is that the general public sees the good deeds these celebrities are doing. Not only is it very empowering but it is important to show that men and women in the armed services that they are being appreciated. Due to the reach that the influencers have, it gives the story a wider reach.

I wanted to talk about a band that I have done a lot of work with on helping them get in front of the military audience. Rockers Lansdowne have embraced working with our troops. Ever since their first tour overseas, they have been working hard at reaching as many bases and troops as possible. What is touching about their story is that they let their fans know about each experience they have at a particular base or interactions they have with the military. It really lets their audience in on what the troops are going through and they make it a point to highlight attributes that we can all relate to. I think the picture below tells it all, but you can get more information on what they are up to at

Lansdowne's Section Dedicated To Our Troops

Lansdowne's Section Dedicated To Our Troops

I would love to get more artists involved in working with our troops. It is a very rewarding experience for both sides, and most importantly, an outlet for the general public to get to see troops outside of the news and in a more relaxed setting.


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