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Steven Colbert Broadcasting From Iraq-Why This Matters

I finally got a chance to watch Monday night’s episode of The Colbert Report broadcast from Iraq. This is not only monumental because USO does another good thing for the troops, but it shows an entertainer publicly acknowledging the work that the troops have done. We don’t often see the work celebrities do with the USO, but in this instance it is very refreshing to see Colbert voicing his support for all of his audience to see.

Although the USO does a lot for the troops, we as a public audience don’t get to see a lot of that. When it comes to supporting the troops, seeing influencers and celebrities doing so in the open light really does mean something. We are living in a culture where celebrities are influencers that sway the main publics opinion, so seeing celebrities supporting the men and women in the armed services is very important.

Carson Daly is another media figure making it his mission to showcase the lives of troops to the public. He did a segment on his late night show from Fort Irwin in CA. He continues to be active in the social media realm and give his support through Twitter and supporting the #militarymon hashtag.

This type of support means the world to the troops. I work with artists that extend their talents and go to our military community to show their appreciation. I have seen it first hand that this type of support truly does make all the difference. From watching troops rock out aboard USS Kearsarge, to seeing families thanking artists at various bases, it is something so simple for the media to pick up but often it never makes the news. It is my hope that we can see more of this.

Colbert Getting a Haircut by a General

Colbert Getting a Haircut by a General


2 comments on “Steven Colbert Broadcasting From Iraq-Why This Matters

  1. Mrs. D
    June 10, 2009

    Stephen Colbert proves he has a military heart — he raises funds for schools where children from military families attend, he brings brilliant insight into the conversation about the tough politics of war, and he has always thanked military guests for their service. Kudos to Colbert and the USO. Nicely worded, Maja.

  2. stefanie
    June 11, 2009

    These episodes are great!!

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