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Coca Cola, a Corporate Twitter Super Star

A few weeks ago, I wrote a post about the military and government communities really understanding social media and I said corporations should take note of their best practices. Apparently, Coca Cola must have been listening. To re-cap, what makes the military community stand out on twitter is truly understanding what it means to engage its followers and provide compelling content.

I started following Coca Cola on Twitter because it is one of my favorite brands and I wanted to see if they would be an interesting follow. Aside from the compelling content they provide (stuff you wouldn’t get anywhere else but twitter) they actually engage their followers! It feels like you are talking to a real person (that is because you are, as they leave their initials at the end of each tweet). In a marketplace that is very saturated with messaging from every corner, it is refreshing to see a company doing it right and using twitter for what it is really meant to use be used for-open a path to conversation.

I gave Coke some love on twitter and one of my followers asked me if I have some sort of deal with them and if this is “twitter integration.” I laughed and told him I was just giving a shout out to one of my favorite brands and that was it. That comment did make me think back to some of the companies that are involving their twitter followers to be their brand ambassadors. We see product integration all the time in entertainment, so why not have regular people share experiences and “integrate” products into their daily routines. It is something we already do half the time, just don’t realize it. As long as Coca Cola is continuing to engage its followers, they will get automatically reap the benefits of doing it right.

Aside from Coca Cola, Virgin America is another company that is doing a very good job with using social media mediums in the way they are meant to be used. As both a marketer and a consumer it is very exciting to see brands doing a good job with communicating their branding in a way which both gets them the attention they want and are entertaining and useful for the consumers.
Check out Coca Cola (@cocacola) and Virgin America(@virginamerica) in action on Twitter and you can see for yourself what they are up to.


One comment on “Coca Cola, a Corporate Twitter Super Star

  1. MLRD
    June 30, 2009

    nicely said. great to know that big companies can and do listen to the twittering. hope that Coke continues to listen, and tweets you back — you are a great brand ambassador. (and it’s nice to catch someone doing something right and say so).

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