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Is Failure Necessary to Succeed?


I know you’ve heard me go on and on about twitter and how great it is, and I am going to repeat that today. This time because I was introduced to a great article by someone I follow who never misses a beat with great content. This particular article discussed the necessity of failing in order to grow and succeed.

After reading it, I had to comment on it because I found it to be quite inspirational. There are many sayings out there about failure being a key to success and how with each mistake you take something away. I really believe in this. Not only does it apply to your career (like the article talks about) but it holds true to most everything in life we experience from relationships to any major decisions we make in life. As a society there is a taboo about failing and we are not comfortable with it, I’ll even go as far and say embarrassed. It is not a great feeling and “bouncing back” is easier said than done. The benefits of taking chances outweigh the risks in my eyes. If you go on your entire life never taking a chance in something you believe in, may it be a business/career decision, relationship, cross country move, etc, you will not only go your whole life wondering if it would have worked but also miss out on a potentially life changing event.

If you believe your talent grows with persistence and effort, then you seek failure as an opportunity to improve. People with a growth mindset feel smart when they’re learning, not when they’re flawless.

This quote from the article really stuck with me. Thinking back to my personal experiences, I credit my successes to the mistakes I have made in the past. Reason being, I learned from them, and there is something so powerful about being able to learn and apply that knowledge to the next experience. Usually with riskier opportunities come more responsibility and from more responsibility comes learning and growth. I believe people that have big ideas and lots of passion embrace such opportunities that foster growth. It is not easy to switch your mind from seeing failure as a negative thing-but taking little steps and thinking of failure as taking chances instead can be a helpful first step.

This article talks a lot about a “Growth Mindset” which encourages individuals to get out of their comfort zones and to embrace challenges and taking chances.

After reading this it is my hope that you took away the following:

1) Failing=Taking Chances=The more chances you take, the more likely you will get to where you want to be.
2) Start by recognizing that at the end of the day it is all about growth, and to not be perfect is okay, you will get closer to perfection the more you grow and experience.
3) It is not easy to change your mindset, so take small steps and at least be aware. Awareness is the first step to change.

One comment on “Is Failure Necessary to Succeed?

  1. Chanelle Carver
    July 7, 2009

    Great post, Maja! I totally agree. The person I am today is a product of past successes AND failures. The first time I ever failed at something was in college and it tore me to pieces. I think I cried for a week straight haha (yes, I can laugh about it now but at the time, not so much).

    My friends would always say “Chanelle knows best” and “You’re a genius” and all that great stuff. When I failed…I thought it was all over…I thought they were wrong and I was doomed forever. Fortunately, I am the type of person that embraces change and after picking my pride and heart off the floor, I bounced back better than ever! I said to myself, “you are not a failure, you just failed at something and it will most certainly happen again if you want to achieve your life mission – to change the world.”

    Failing is a part of life just like getting your heart broken. We can’t control everything that happens to and around us but we CAN control how we deal with it. In other words, don’t be a victim. Take control of your life and embrace all the good, the bad, and the freakin’ ugly that comes along with it. It’ll make you a stronger, wiser, more humble person.

    P.S. It won’t be easy. But like Maja says “take small steps and at least be aware. Awareness is the first step to change.” Yes indeed little lady! 🙂


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