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Army Strong, Hits Home

If you read the “About Maja Stevanovich” section, you were told that I am going to mostly write on social media and military marketing topics. I’ve had a few entries on social media, and I’ve written about the military’s use of social media. This entry is going to talk about the fundamental change in Army recruiting that took place with the “Army Strong” campaign.

I was compelled to write this entry when I read a blog post by one of my fellow military community followers on Twitter. She mentioned that her son is serving our country for no other motivation than to be serving. I am so privileged to get the inside look at some amazing military spouses, mothers, fathers, and soldiers via Twitter, and am convinced more than every how truly amazing and honorable these people are. This made me think that the reason people may have had a negative impression of the Army and why they would say such things as “they serve for the paycheck” and it was because of advertising tactics that were done in the past. Not in many places in the branding or messaging did we hear words such as honor, service, courage, or purpose. Instead, we were bombarded by signing bonuses and all the added benefits of joining the Army that had nothing to do with a sense of duty. “Army Strong” is doing it differently; it is appealing to the intrinsic qualities Army provides its enlistees. Lets face it, if you are joining the Army for the signing bonus, you are not the ideal candidate anyway. We all know those people will go to recruiters offices regardless if they see an add on TV. What the Army needs is high quality recruits. Living in a branded world, it is crucial how the military branches position themselves. The Army is doing it right this time, they are seeking out individuals that want to serve, that are excited by a challenge, team work and serving a greater purpose.

The marketing work that military branches do is crucial when it comes to attracting the type of individuals they desire. The “Army Strong” campaign is bold because it focuses on the aspect of the job without talking money, but talks about an environment that you also can’t get anywhere else. I am looking forward to extensions of this campaign and seeing what will happen with other marketing communications disciplines. I wanted to include a link to the latest “Army Strong” spot, which really hits on the points I’ve talked about.


One comment on “Army Strong, Hits Home

  1. Greta
    July 10, 2009

    The Army is doing much better – you are correct. Though I don’t think anyone joins for the paycheck – LOL!However, the incentives are much better even for spouses and with the GI bill – so more appealing.

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