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Not Your Ordinary Troop Supporter


Most of you knew Stephen Colbert went overseas to support the troops and do four live shows from Iraq. We also hear of a few artists going overseas to donate their talents. But how about offering the troops and their families some financial advice? Suze Orman, a popular CNBC personality that helps us deal with our financial questions dedicated her 4th of July segment to troops and their families. “Financial Independence Day” was her special program, a military money edition that was meant to honor the men and women in America’s Armed Forces.

Suze discussed freedom and independence, but not in a conventional sense, but talking about it from the financial perspective and being free from debt. Throughout the special, Suze took questions from our troops in the U.S. and overseas as well as their families and focused on topics like saving for retirement, home ownership, TSP’s (Thrift Savings Plan), re-enlistment bonuses, credit card debt, and keeping their money protected. The special also featured feature an all-military “Can I Afford It?” segment.

This is pretty significant for many reasons. Suze Orman isn’t a typical celebrity, but yet a figure that many respect and follow for her great advice. The fact that she focused her July 4th episode on the troops was important because she shed the light on some of the financial struggles they have to go through and also showed our troops that she recognizes them as a valuable segment worth dedicating a whole episode to. Troops and their families sacrifice quite a bit that it is not always apparent on first glance, Suze did a great job of pointing that out. If we look hard enough, we can see troop supporters in almost every field, it is just a matter of looking. It shouldn’t be that hard to find programming or supporters, but in a society that gets easily caught up with the latest reality fad, we can easily overlook things that can be of big importance. Suze is very approachable on twitter and her website, so I urge my readers to check both out or @SuzeOrmanShow.


One comment on “Not Your Ordinary Troop Supporter

  1. Lois
    July 13, 2009

    This is so neat and I had no idea she did that! I love Suze Orman and have gotten a lot of fabulous financial tips from several of her books. It’s so nice to see someone whose products I already subscribe to and believe in also supporting our military. Great post!

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