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Impact of Marketing Communications Shift on Military Marketing

Forrester Research did a study on growth of digital marketing and compelled Advertising Age to publish an article called “Advertising Will Change Forever.” The study states that in the next five years, digital is projected to grow to about 21% of the marketing communications pie. This is a significant increase as it sits at about 11% currently. What this also means is that traditional marketing budgets will be shifted to interactive.

The great debate about how effective traditional advertising is has been going on for some time and those that proclaim its death are doing so a bit prematurely. Traditional advertising will always have a place and hold onto big margins, but as our society shifts to embracing the digital revolution and becomes more saavy to marketing, the allocations of the marketing communications pie will change with it. What the Forrest Research study suggests is that dollars will be shifted to areas such as social media, online video and mobile marketing. Digital is becoming the center of many campaigns currently and this is projected to only grow in the future.

Different mediums of marketing communications cater in a different way to various industries and segments. Speaking about the military in particular, the digital shift will suit this segment better. When it comes to recruiting, there is no such thing as a mass message. It is all about tailoring to different sub-segments and making the message relevant and appealing under best possible terms. Avenues such as social media, online video, mobile marketing and other non-traditional methods allow the different military branches to focus on specific groups they are looking to target and do so in a much more personalized and relevant way. Advertising will still be needed to set that overarching message and the look and feel of campaigns but it cannot be the biggest piece if the branches are looking to get more targeted and higher quality recruits.

As society becomes more saavy to marketing techniques marketers will need to be creative about reaching their desired demographic. Providing compelling content and blurring the line between marketing and providing useful/entertaining content will become the determining factor of which campaigns succeed. In a more competitive marketing landscape it will take strategic thinking combined with truly embracing integration among all the disciplines to be successful. Realizing that is ok to lean more on newer methods and take a few risks along the way will be an important philosophy marketers will have to embrace.

One comment on “Impact of Marketing Communications Shift on Military Marketing

  1. Hogan Shrum
    July 24, 2009

    Well said!! Love it!

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