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Your Time or Extra Change are Crucial

Money is tight these days and most are trying to conserve any additional funds that come in. Even in times like these it is important not to forget the amazing and necessary work non for profits and charities are doing all over this country and the globe. Although it may be hard to give a big donation, it does not mean that supporting a cause is out of reach. Just a few days ago I saw a “Big Deals” chain open in one of the neighborhoods I frequent so I decided to check it out. After I bought a few items the cashier asked if I wanted to donate part of my purchase to go towards Operation Homefront to ensure that kids of deployed soldiers had school supplies for the upcoming school year. What a simple and easy way to donate and see in front of your eyes supplies going into a big bin ready to be shipped out to military families.

With so many non for profits and charities existing, especially in the military community it is hard to choose where your precious funds (or time) should be going to. Below I created a short list of questions you want to ask yourself before wanting to get involved with a cause or organization. Times are tough, which means it is even more important now to pitch in where we can. It is also important to know that every dollar counts and that not being able to contribute a lot should not deter anyone from wanting to get involved. Non for profits are some of the most gracious organizations around and they treat every donation as it was a million bucks. I would also like to mention that donating your time can in many instances be just as important if not more so than money. It takes the human touch to get something going and keep it that way. There is nothing more satisfying than donating time to a cause you are passionate about and knowing that at the end of the day your work really made a difference for someone.

With so many organizations out there, how do you pick just one if that is all you can afford to devote time or resources towards:

1) What are you passionate about? What do you see yourself getting a big satisfaction from because you were able to be a part of?
2) Once you’ve picked the cause, there may be many organizations that are involved so doing research on them and seeing which one “speaks to you” is your next step
3) Start small, it can be overwhelming, but taking that first step no matter how small it may be will be the start of something great
4) Make it a routine-even if you volunteer or donate once a week, once a month or whatever happens to work for you, be committed, not only will it be important for your organization but your sense of accomplishment will stem from the commitment

For all the non for profits and charities out there, think about what steps you are taking to attract new donors and volunteers, what are you doing to really speak to them? Are your marketing efforts integrated? For the rest of us, lets think about what causes we feel compelled to support and take that first step; with the current economic climate it is more necessary than ever to pitch in where we can as non for profits are needing every resource they can get.

One comment on “Your Time or Extra Change are Crucial

  1. MLRD
    July 27, 2009

    what a wonderful, practical approach to charitable giving. good for you, Maja, for addressing this vital issue.

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