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The Way We Get News is Changing…Fast

When is the last time you heard an important piece of news via someone’s post on facebook , twitter’s trending topics stream or by reading it in a blog? For most of us, this is becoming a more regular way to obtain the news. “Citizen Reporters” are on the rise, which raises the question, is the way we used to consume the news a thing of the past? The same way reality television altered the tv landscape, myspace changed the music scene, social media is changing the news. None of the catalysts in the industries I mentioned above illuminated the traditional players, but they did add options and allowed access in arenas that “regular people” were never allowed in before.

Porter Novelli conducted a case study on the future of News and raised some interesting questions if the so called citizen reports will be able to exist in harmony with traditional news sources. Another point the study makes is if technology will make it harder to “control” the news. It is interesting to think about credibility being affected and how social media is going to force traditional news streams to compete and possibly change their business model.

In many of my posts I speak about the benefits of social media and how it has changed both the marketing and communications industries. Social Media also become an outlet for individuals to voice their beliefs and stream their own version of news which if nothing else will empower individuals and allow for more sharing and collaboration amongst groups of people. Issues such as credibility are already arising and audiences having to filter through a lot of content to get to what they actually want may turn off some. What we as an audience gain outweighs the issues because for the first time we can easily seek out particular viewpoints even in topics and issues that may be considered niche.

Social Media is really changing the way we communicate, market, find jobs, network, and even seek out information and news. The fact that one medium can offer so much is pretty amazing to think about. No matter how frequent the usage is, it is affecting and changing some of our habits on a pretty big scale. It will be interesting to see how the news business model will change because of this as companies have already started to adjust both their marketing and public affairs efforts.


3 comments on “The Way We Get News is Changing…Fast

  1. greg gomer
    August 13, 2009

    saw this in my linkedin feed (speaking of social media) anyways, we are currently solving this problem and leveraging most of what your wrote. check out pinyadda.

  2. majastevanovich
    August 13, 2009

    Thanks Greg, did check out the company and urge my readers to do so as well, very interesting premise, espeically for all interested in SM.

  3. greg gomer
    August 13, 2009

    Great, we are in private alpha right now, almost ready for public beta, which we will be relying heavily on user input. I will keep you in the loop, and sign-up we may just approve a few accounts early. Thanks!

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