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You Enlist a Solider, But You Re-Enlist a Family

When Lifetime’s Army Wives started for its third season this summer, I wrote a post about the show winning on the social media front. They were able to create a community that truly resonates with real Army wives and that is something not many tv shows or products are able to do-create a community that is connecting people in a real and meaningful way.

Recently, Tanya Biank, author of the book Army Wives is based on, Under The Sabers started reaching out to Army spouses as her own husband, a Lt. Colonel is scheduled to deploy soon. Tanya talks about the Army doing a better job of handling separations of families from their soldiers by providing great programs for spouses and families.

The Army is also doing a program to help soldiers deal with stress which I talk about in more detail in my last post. Knowing their families are being taken care of while they are gone is important. Having programs put in place to take care of the whole family are going to help with stress issues that soldiers face, and in turn create a more productive force. As we all know, a happy employee is a much more productive one. Tanya says it well in a quote she uses, “You enlist a soldier, but you re-enlist a family.”

There are quite a few challenges facing the Army from recruiting to retention and well being, but they are rising to the challenge. Encouraging the media to expose military life through shows like Army Wives and Tanya’s book, coming up with interesting campaigns to better reach youth and created programs to help keep the force healthy, especially from the mental health stand point. It is my hope that this will continue, as the men and women willing to risk their lives to serve our country deserve nothing but the best. HOOAH!

2 comments on “You Enlist a Solider, But You Re-Enlist a Family

  1. Marylee
    September 1, 2009

    I grew up in a military family (my dad was career NCO for 30 years in the Air Force). He may have enlisted, we grew up military. My brother went on to serve 20 years in the Air Force. Programs for military families help us all to serve our country. Marylee (Brooklyn, NY)

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