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To Those That Serve

It often takes a tragedy to unite us and remind of us what is really important. Today, in remembrance of 9/11/2001, I would like to thank all the men and women that serve our country. In our busy lives, we don’t reflect often enough on the public servants whose work impacts us daily. I would like to recognize those men and women today.

Our Military: These men and women bravely serve so that we can enjoy our every day freedoms. Thank you to the members of the military and their families for making sacrifices so that we can all enjoy better lives.

Firefighters, EMT’s, and All Medical Personnel: For taking care of all us and responding when we need you most.

Police Officers: For keeping us safe

Teachers, School Administrators and All Educators: The impact that you make is critical for our country’s success. Everyone out there has been impacted by a teacher that they will never forget.

Transportation Workers: Especially to those of us that live in cities where public transportation is a must, we often take our commutes for granted.

Religious Leaders: Thank you for giving us an outlet to reflect and in hard times a piece of mind.

Thank you to all who serve.


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