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The Sisterhood of The Traveling BDU’s

“Hurry up and Wait” is a common phrase amongst military families that always seem to be in wait mode. Families are waiting for their loved ones to return from deployments, waiting to relocate or are experiencing some other aspect of military life. Two teenage girls that founded The Sisterhood of The Traveling BDU’s decided to do something productive with this wait time. The Sisterhood of the Traveling BDU’s is an organization meant to unite military girls, serve as a support system while a parent was away, and most importantly, inspire military girls. The organization’s website, contains more information behind this amazing mission.

This organization is important for a variety of reasons. Support groups for military children and teens are essential for the well being of those that have parents deployed. Nobody understands better what they are going through than other children and teens that are affected by the same situation. There can’t be enough groups like this and I admire the courage, creativity, and leadership that Moranda Hern and Kaylie Deacon exemplified when starting this organization. Military children, like their deployed parents also make sacrifices that we don’t often hear about. A quality support system is essential for well-being and the individual military branches are doing more and more to make sure families are supported while soldiers are deployed.

Sisterhood of the Traveling BDUs is much more than a support group. It provides networking, mentoring, and a place where military girls can express themselves around others that understand what they are going through. There are not many organizations for young women that are created by other young women; espeically that are so specialized like the Sisterhood. It is because of organizations like this that more young women will continue on a path towards success and have the necessary support system needed to do well. I urge everyone to take a look at Sisterhood’s website as it is truly inspirational. Youth’s biggest influencers are their peers. While young women like Moranda and Kaylie continue to inspire and support their peers, it is my hope to discover more groups like this and for this type of message to gain a lot of buzz and go viral. It is these types of powerful messages that will do a big service if embedded in the types of news we get.


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