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Tattoos & Military: It’s a Pride Thing

When in doubt that members of the military are proud of their service, defer to the ink. According to Staff Sgt. Campbell, a platoon sergeant with Fox Company, 2nd Battalion, 10th Combat Aviation Brigade, close to 90% of soldiers, especially in the combat arms have tattoos. Soldiers state that their military service is a part of them and that the best way to express their pride is through tattoos. An article on Army’s website that talks about tattoos and the Army brings up an interesting point: are there many people out there that walk around with their company’s corporate logo permanently tattooed on their skin?

It is interesting to note that US Navy is credited with introducing tattoos to the states in the early 1900’s upon the return of Sailors from various places as a souvenir of their travels. Today, tattoos are common and the reasoning behind them often leads to leaving something on one’s body that is very meaningful to the particular individual. Some of the most popular categories of military tattoos are those that showcase pride for their unit, pride for service and country, and most recently memorial tattoos. The camaraderie that takes place in the military often goes hand in hand with tattoos and it is amazing to note how proud these soldiers are of their service and of one another. The best way to sum up tattoos and the military is from the following passage by Staff Sgt. Stephanie van Geete that reported about this topic.

Remembrance is the theme common to most Soldiers’ service-related tattoos. Whether they are getting tattoos to remember the good times or the bad, friends made or lost, inked Soldiers carry with them a permanent reminder of specific, often life-changing event in their lives.

Those serving today showcase their pride in service through various ways besides tattoos. This brings up a complex question: what will motivate the current generation to be proud of their country and to want to serve? Service doesn’t necessarily mean joining the military, but wanting to contribute service in some form. Many of my posts talk about the need for media and influencers to get involved, as they contribute a great deal in the opinions of today’s youth. Such messages usually don’t constitute compelling content, but with a little creativity it can be done. What media figures and outlets are on board?

One comment on “Tattoos & Military: It’s a Pride Thing

  1. Greta
    September 28, 2009

    I keep a little collection of ink I have taken pictures of that touched me. Mostly those who memorialize their fallen comrades.

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