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BlogTV: Think Live YouTube

In the spirit of talking about powerful social media tools, I couldn’t help but draw everyone’s attention to BlogTV. This is one of the coolest platforms out there that feeds off of other social media networks and truly gives meaning to the concept of “everyone is a star.” Users can schedule “shows” and there are viewing rooms where the audience can interact and ask questions. There are array of topics being covered and it is like watching reality television, but without the scripted language you see on actual reality tv. This platform has been around since 2007 and I truly believe it will become a serious force in the social media space. As everyone is becoming more mobile and relying on video content, this platform is a cross over between entertainment and networking. The live component of it is amazing as no matter what time of day you tune in, you can find a live show or browse the section of shows that already aired.

User generated compelling content just got a lot more interesting. I am sure that soon enough corporations will want to partner with users that have large followings that are seen as influencers. It is one of the more truly entertaining platforms out there that a user can spend a lot of time with because there is a lot of options and choices. The fact that it is very compatible with both facebook and twitter makes it that much more appealing. Users can add the facebook application and broadcast right from their facebook feed. Skewed to a younger demographic, BlogTV is where the tech-savvy early adapter teens hang out. I am very curious to see where this platform will be in a year and when marketers looking to connect to the teen demographic will be jumping on board with BlogTV.

I will leave you with top 4 reasons why this platform will succeed and grow:

• Extremely Interactive
• Integrated with other Social Media Platforms
• Easy to Navigate
• Any person with a laptop or PC & Webcam can have their own live broadcast


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