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Military Marketing-What Else Can Be Done?

The last blog post talks about adjustments marketers will have to make as we embark on a new era of the empowered consumer. I want to focus on one statement from the previous blog which talk about interacting with a brand as opposed to merely being exposed to it. As I mentioned, I wanted to discuss how these new rules may apply to risk adverse industries, and especially the military. Engagement vs exposure implies a loss of control, but I believe that doesn’t have to be the case. In the case of the military, bigger benefits come from the desired demo engaging with the individual branches (brands) rather than just one dimensional exposure. The likely hood of attracting just the right candidates increases by having engagement opportunities. Just like the previous blog post, I wanted to focus on the below five statements and explain how they specifically apply to the military marketing community.

Less is More: Impressions are great, and reaching a wide audience always makes the brand feel like they are doing something right. This holds especially true for the military that wants to make sure its messaging reaches as many 17-24 as possible. Exposure is great, but engagement is better. Engagement results in a deeper level of involvement rather than just reaching eye balls. Smaller campaigns that allow for engagement can prove to be much more effective because they allow for real impact.

Influencers: When it comes to making such an important decision, influencers are a crucial part of the decision making process. Tailored smaller campaigns that involve influencers to the 17-24 market are important to foster acceptance and interest in the military.

More Bang for Your Buck: A lot of resources are put behind messaging to the 17-24 demographic and some efforts may be more expensive than others. Re-evaluating the marketing mix to pin point tactics that are more effective will not only lower costs but improve long term results.

Measuring Metrics: Measuring the impact of marketing programs allows for feedback that shows if a particular program is performing. It also allows for key learnings that can be applied for future programs. This is much harder to do with traditional advertising rather than programs designed for easy measuring.

A Truly Branded World: This is especially true of the 17-24 demographic that identifies with brands and includes them as a part of their lifestyle. There is a need for the military community to include themselves in the conversations taking place. Great examples of successes are partnerships with NASCAR and 3 Doors Down.

Traditional advertising will continue to stay relevant in military marketing; however, alternate marketing methods may be a better fit when it comes educating youth on something as personal as service to country.

2 comments on “Military Marketing-What Else Can Be Done?

  1. John
    October 5, 2009

    Nobody joins the military because they saw a logo at stock car race. People join for 1 of 3 reasons. 1. Family or Society Ritual 2. Economic neccesity 3. Educational opportunity.

    Appeal to one or all of these is what marketing needs to focus on NOT NASCAR or American Choppers. You’ve over-thought this one.

    • majastevanovich
      October 5, 2009


      Thanks for reading. I do agree with you where the apeal should be; however, the demographic requires alternate messaging such as some of the marketing being done in order to get to the points you mention. With the help of influencers and media driving those points it will be easier for the 17-24 to start thinking like that again.


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