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Forgotten Sacrifices

The above picture made it onto Yahoo’s homepage. It isn’t often that we see stories that remind us the sacrifices military families make. We hear about soldiers but not about those that they leave behind. The story that was on Yahoo’s website talked about Paige, the young girl in the above picture that held her dad’s hand as he was in formation about ready to ship overseas. Even if for a limited time period, this story makes us think about what it is that military families are going through. Most of us are not exposed to soldiers in our daily lives, let alone military families. It is important to pause and think about the sacrifices they too are making to ensure our freedoms.

Fortunately, the new Army Secretary, John McHugh is making it a priority to improve quality of life for both solders and families. His big priority is to think innovatively and try to implement the most effective programs that will keep families in a good place while soldiers are deployed. It is great news that Secretary McHugh is putting such emphasis on families as that is a crucial portion of Army life that doesn’t always get the most attention. A lot has been done by Army leadership to change that recently and truly stick to the belief that family programs are essential to unit readiness. Recognizing that taking care of families is important to the overall well-being of the Army is a promising sign for our military families.


2 comments on “Forgotten Sacrifices

  1. cathy payne
    October 14, 2009

    I just want to say I am so proud of each and every soldier. I am a military wife, mother and aunt….we have many family members in the military. It is hard to watch your son especially go off to fight and not be able to protect them…keep your head up be encouraging them when they call and pray alot…that is how we all get by….love to all who deal with this on a daily basis as I do….god bring them all home safe…

  2. majastevanovich
    October 14, 2009

    Thank you for the heartful message Cathy, hope you will come back to the blog often, and yes, lets hope all our troops get home safe.

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