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Female Submariners, Coming Soon to a Submarine Near You

Today’s military is doing many initiatives to offer opportunities to the women. Recently, the Navy is planning on adding female sailors to its submarine fleet. The submarine fleet is considered to be one of the most elite Naval communities, so adding female sailors is a big step for women serving in the Navy. Some of the biggest challenges are making the extra room for female sailors on board a submarine where space comes at a premium. I did a tour of USS Albuquerque and I will be the first to say, wow it is cramped in there! I give so much credit to all those serving as submarines because it takes both physical and mental strength to endure those types of deployments.

Steps like these are showing the commitment of the military toward diversifying its force and allowing women that serve unique opportunities. As the population is changing and the needs of the military start to change and become redefined, this will offer even more opportunities to women and allow for additional steps towards complete equality. When keeping up with the military community it is apparent that the new age of military operations values diversity which is evidenced by the programs and options that are offered. No matter if we are talking about the Army, the Navy, the Air Force, the Marines or the Coast Guard women that are thinking about joining the military can feel proud of the fact that the services are recognizing them and more opportunities will be available future for those women that are serving.


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