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Army Career Tracker-A Tool for Retention & Recruiting?

Planned for launch in 2010, the US Army is introducing a Career Tracker, an internet portal that is a one-stop place for career development, moving toward promotions, and help with achieving goals. This will become available to enlisted personnel first with goals of reaching officers and Army civilians in the next 2-3 years. The portal is designed to be very personalized to the needs of each soldier and allow them to monitor their own progress and obtain the necessary guidance and feedback needed to reach their goals. The portal comes with a dashboard that allows for search, provides a quick-scan, color-coded status report and allows monitoring any aspect from educational to professional goals.

An Army leader says that the Career Tracker is like a compass that will help soldiers navigate the system and achieve their goals. This type of tool is sure to increase retention as it will allow soldiers to monitor their progress and see how close they are to reaching goals. The fact that they will feel empowered to succeed and raise within the ranks will be positive for the Army. Having access to a platform like this allows for a more motivated force and one that will hopefully see the continued opportunities offered to them in the Army and want to stick around past their first or second contract. By having a map that helps plot out the next move a soldier needs to make to attain his or her goal makes success feel more tangible. This also allows for soldiers to tailor their careers to best meet their needs.

When it comes to recruiting, this will also be a valuable tool as will allow recruiters to access MOS (military occupational specialty) career maps and counsel and advise perspective soldiers. This can especially help when looking to obtain higher level recruits that already have particular goals in mind and it’s just a matter of reaching them. This type of recruiting enhancement also gives the Army an advantage over corporations where they can show a clear path toward promotion and the steps needed to get there, not to mention the job security while working toward those goals. The Army Career Tracker seems like it will deliver big, it will be interesting to see how it affects both retention and recruiting and especially how it will work when introduced to officers and Army civilians.

Considering how many resources the Army is spending on mental training, preventing PTSD, and stress education, I believe the Career Tracker will be a great tool to help with those quests as well.

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