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Operation Proper Exit

Positive troop news making the cover page of the New York Times is great news. NYT covered a story of wounded soldiers returning to Iraq in hopes to find some closure. This is the first time in our history where wounded warriors and veterans are returning to a place where war is still in progress. The seven day program is called Operation Proper Exit and its mission is to bring psychological closure to those severely wounded in the Iraq war. This trip includes eight wounded men, including five amputees and it has brought them back to the sights where their injuries have happened.

The men were all in shock of how quiet things were and the amount of progress that was made since they were there last. They were able to reunite with troops still in Iraq and get to speak to senior leadership both from the US and Iraqi side. The wounded heroes were welcomed by those currently serving and pride was beaming from both sides.

Lieutenant Salau, one of the eight men told an Iraqi leader, “we gave a lot for your country and we’re glad for it.” These men are extremely proud of their service and it was a great move by the military and other participating organizations to set this trip up and show them that their sacrifices do indeed stand for something.

As you are ready to take on the weekend I hope that you will take a moment and reflect on what our troops and veterans have done for this country. It is stories like the NYT covered that make us extremely proud of our troops, their resilient spirit and the sacrifices they have made. These stories remind us of how truly special the men and women in uniform are. It takes something great within them to do the job they are doing. To the men and women in the military, thank you for your service.

2 comments on “Operation Proper Exit

  1. Steven Cooper
    October 17, 2009

    Thanks for bringing this story to our attention. I have the utmost respect for those who put boots on ground. I’m glad the Army is trying to bring closure to those wounded vets.

    • majastevanovich
      October 17, 2009

      Thanks for reading, and I agree, it is a very important initiative.

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