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New York Yankees Support Our Troops

One of the best times to visit the new Yankee stadium is during baseball playoff time. This past Saturday was my first time at the new stadium and there were many things that impressed me. The Yankees getting an exciting win and the fans that wouldn’t let the rain get in their way of cheering on their favorite team were all amazing moments. One thing in particular that stood out for me was how many messages that supported our troops were played on the JumboTron throughout the game. The messages featured celebrities, First Lady Obama, some even just troops on their own; one thing that all the messages had in common was the appreciation and reminders of what our troops do.

To be in the heart of New York and see an organization such as the Yankees show their support is an amazing gesture. It is very important for the general public to be seeing messages like these, especially when they come endorsed from their favorite teams, celebrities or other forms of media. Most importantly it is important for all the young men and women in the audience to have seen our troops in a favorable light. The Northeast isn’t typically seen as the most patriotic area of the country, but this past Saturday, the Yankee stadium was full of support for the men and women in uniform.


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