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Virtual World To Help Soldiers with PTSD

Large amount of veterans coming from Iraq and Afghanistan are coming back with PTSD, but only one-third get medical help. Institute for Creative Technologies is offering a solution to this problem, and it takes place in the virtual world. The virtual world healing center will be a place that will hopefully draw more veterans in as they will feel more comfortable seeking care. Considering so much time is spent online, this option has a lot of potential for success. Funded by the US Army and the National Science Foundation this project will hopefully bring us one step closer to addressing the needs of returning veterans dealing with stress and combat related issues. It is crucial that proper resources are given towards these types of programs.

The Army has been stepping up in this arena and is beginning to offer a variety of programs to families as well as educating soldiers as early as basic training. Removing the stigma from PTSD is one of the biggest challenges. Army’s persistency in addressing this and creating a variety of programs is a great stride toward lessening that stigma.

On a related note, please note an addition to my blog on the right hand side in support of IAVA, Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans Association. You can help support this cause, it is free, and it takes a few minutes, so please participate.


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