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Do You Root For the Underdog?

When it comes to underdogs, they always make things more exciting. How about supporting an underdog in a cause that can really change someone’s life? I am talking about Soldiers’ Angels fundraiser ValourIT (Voice Activated Laptops for Our Injured Troops). All the proceeds go toward providing technology to injured troops and reconnecting them back to society. Team Air Force is this year’s underdog in the blogging competition amongst the military branches on who can raise the most money for this worthy cause. Our team is the smallest, but don’t let our size fool you—we are full of passion for this cause and we want to raise the most money this year!

The impacts these laptops have on injured troops are incredible. By donating money to this cause, you can know you gave a wounded hero one advantage towards proper recovery and connecting them to all of their friends and family. It is day two of the competition and over $16,000 have already been raised by all the teams. That is about 26 laptops. You think we can double that? The answer is YES WE CAN! Just remember, donate on the team Air Force page. By clicking the computer Icon on the right hand side of the blog that says “Air Force Team” it will take you directly to a secure page where you can donate. What are you waiting for?


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