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Packers Fans Enjoy Tailgating Baghdad Style

Just as everyone is talking about the big game this Sunday between Brett Favre’s Vikings and the Green Bay Packers, Packer fever made it all the way to Baghdad. Yesterday, the US Army posted a video of the Wisconsin National Guard members in Baghdad getting to enjoy the Green Bay Packer game courtesy of Fox Sports. Take a look at the above video and you’ll see how tailgating is done on the other side of the world. It sure seems like it literally take an army of people to make it happen.

The little things that we sometimes take for granted like watching our favorite teams, enjoying the company of our friends, or getting to unwind after a long week are all things considered luxuries for men and women in uniform while they are deployed. It never ceases to amaze me how much they are willing to sacrifice so that we all get to enjoy those things while staying safe and protected. Believe it or not, you as an individual can do so much to let them know you care. The amazing non-for-profit, Soldiers’ Angels is just one of the many troop supporting organizations out there which makes it SO easy to get involved and contribute as much as you can. Visit

There is also something you can do this very minute, and that is contribute to a fundraiser for wounded troops that Soldiers Angels is running. Valour-IT (Voice Activated Lap Tops for Our Injured Troops) is going on now and needs your support to provide wounded troops with a way to stay connected to their friends and family and speed up their recovery. If you click on the computer icon on the right hand side of this blog, it will take you directly to a secure page where you can make your donation. You can help by spreading this message to everyone you know and by donating whatever you are comfortable with. There is no better time to show our service members that as a community we care for them and appreciate their service to our country.


One comment on “Packers Fans Enjoy Tailgating Baghdad Style

  1. Rick
    October 29, 2009

    Another great post – you’re right about making me smile. Please keep up the great work. Next step for me is to click the Air Force team link and put some money where my ‘mouth’ is.

    Thanks for all you do! Go Pack!

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