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Hey You…Do Something

Ever feel passionate about an issue or cause and you just feel motivated to go ahead and do something? I believe many of us feel that way, but often times we never get around to the doing part. I came across an organization called Do Something that gives teens an opportunity to engage and get involved with various causes and campaigns that benefit their communities. In this blog I talk a lot about the lack of teen activism, especially in the government/military arenas, so coming across this organization was very exciting.

Do Something utilizes messaging and influencers from the entertainment world to help get teens motivated to become involved. Utilizing tactics that appeal to teens, Do Something is helping teens find an outlet that allows them to grown and be exposed to issues they may have never heard of.
In one of my earlier entries I ask the question if mass media can increase interest in public service. Something has found a unique blend of using media influencers while appealing to a generation already predestined for public service to create successful campaigns for teens where they are making a real difference.

To learn more about Do Something and their unique way of motivating teens visit their website

If you are reading this and thinking about causes that need support—think about fighting for our troops as they are always fighting for our freedoms. The easiest way to immediately make an impact is by letting as many people know as possible about the Soldiers’ Angels ValourIT (Voice Activated Lap Tops for Our Injured Troops) campaign going on right now. Providing technology to those severely wounded gives them an opportunity to speed up their recovery and shows them that the American public does recognize and honor their service. By clicking on the computer icon on the right side of this page, you will be taken to a secure page where you can make a donation. Let others know, or donate what you are comfortable with, but never stop fighting for causes you believe in, because each and everyone one of us can make a big difference.


3 comments on “Hey You…Do Something

  1. J.L. Smith
    October 31, 2009

    Hi, there…just wanted to let everyone know that I am donating a percentage of my book sales – through Veterans’ Day – to Project Valour-IT! Why not donate to this very worthwhile cause and read a great book at the same time? You can read a sample chapter on the “Sneak Peek” tab at Please help support our wounded soldiers by spreading the word! Thank you!

    • majastevanovich
      October 31, 2009

      Thank you so much J.L and much appreciated 🙂

      • Chrystal Crowley
        November 18, 2009

        Hi there,
        I am a new member of milblog and just trying to learn my way around. I am a USN Vet and would like to tell you about my brother, Philip Dain Powell. He is an Inspirational Country Artist. Good things are happening with him and that is all good but we actually have a mission. He recorded a song titled Save Me A Place At The Table which is on his new album. Phil’s earnings from this song will go to the Veterans Homes. 100% of them! Our family, for generations, has always served or supported our Service Memebers. This is Phil’s way of giving back, one of many. I recently joined AAUSS and adopted a soldier and have been spreading the word. Just one of many so wonderful organizations that support our Soldiers, Veterans and their families. Anyway, I put Phil’s myspace link up and if you have time please take a look at the video SMAPATT. It is for a very good cause. God Bless!

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