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The Forgotten Holiday

Now that Halloween is over, everyone is getting ready for Thanksgiving and Christmas. There is another very important day that most of us don’t recognize and that is Veteran’s Day, November 11. This is one day in the year where we can all thank those that have served this country. This holiday should hold special meaning for all of us; it is thanks to those that served we are enjoying our freedoms.


The ValourIt (Voice Activated Lap Tops for Our Injured Troops), the fundraiser I am participating ends on Veterans Day this year. Between now and then there is plenty of time to tell all of your friends about this amazing project for our troops and to contribute. Over $38,000 have already been raised and it is our hope to double that number so that as many wounded troops can receive technology to speed up their recovery. To learn more about the fundraiser and to donate click on the laptop icon on the right hand side of this blog which will take you to a secure webpage to make your donation and learn more about Soldiers’ Angels.

As the holiday season is officially approaching and it is a time filled with family and friends, lets pay our respects and thanks to those that have been away from their families and that are currently deployed. Lets not wait until Veteran’s Day this year to think about our troops, let us start early.


One comment on “The Forgotten Holiday

  1. maplesyrup21
    November 1, 2009

    I agree

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