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NFL Sunday Coming To You From Afghanistan


When you think of the NFL, the first thing that comes to mind is All-American, in which case it is no surprise the league is a big supporter of our troops. Doing multiple tours with the USO with both players and cheerleaders, the NFL is supporting the troops this season by broadcasting this Sunday’s pre-game programming from an undisclosed military base in Afghanistan. Partnering with Fox Sports and Armed Services Entertainment, the programming will shed a light on our troops and remind the millions of Americans that partake in the weekly football ritual about those serving our country.

NFL and its teams have done quite a bit from a league and team stand point when it comes to supporting men and women in uniform. Operation Fan Mail from the Green Bay Packers and honoring military families during game day by the Eagles, Patriots and various other teams is just a small sampling that shows the various teams showcasing their support.

This type of support by the athletes and teams that are idolized and respected is not only important for troop morale but also for all those watching these games to think of our troops. When it comes to support from the media, the NFL has always been a champion in this field and I am sure that as the season goes on we will see acts of recognition for those serving our country.


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