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An Unlikely Companion

In the military, teamwork is essential in getting the job done. It is no surprise that soldiers have a deep bond with one another and would do anything to make sure that their battle buddies remain safe. Lately, soldiers have become dependent on another type of companion, a robot. In the current wars, robots manufactured by iRobot Corporation have helped save the lives of many soldiers dealing with bombs and IEDs in the field. It is only natural that when the robots need fixing, the soldiers want them back as soon as possible. Sgt. Thomas who is one of the technicians working on robots that need repair states that when units bring them in they want their robots back as soon as possible.

From a personnel stand point, it is fascinating to think that robots are being integrated into units, essentially becoming a part of them. The song “By Your Side,” which the rockers Lansdowne wrote to commemorate these life saving robots gives us an idea on just how much these soldiers count on the presence of robots. You can find the song here:

It is truly remarkable how powerful this technology is and all that it is doing to keep our men and women in the military safe. iRobot’s packbot weighs only a few pounds but it is making an enormous impact. From reading other posts in this blog, you will notice the military is using technology to keep soldiers safe, help with prevention of PTSD, and also to develop better communication with the civilian word through the use of social media. These types of stories don’t often make the headlines, but I believe they are very important to take note of.


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