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In a Time of Tragedy, Social Media Unites Us

The horrific act that took place yesterday at one of our largest military bases, Fort Hood, has caused an incredible amount of pain to the central Texas community. The entire military community is shaken and everyone that watched the news coverage yesterday couldn’t help but make a short pause and think of those that were killed. While the incident was still happening, information was being passed through social media channels such as twitter and facebook. Most importantly, these social media channels were also used as a means of support—the US Army facebook page and twitter account were flooded with every day Americans offering their support and wanting to get involved. Messages by the Red Cross, USO and other organizations asking those in central Texas to donate blood was taking over my twitter stream. Social media showed us just how powerful of a tool it is by allowing quick interchange of messages of support, details of the incident, and most importantly what the community was in need of such as blood.

Traditional PR channels were important as well, but Social Media provided that personal touch and was able to showcase the amount of support the Army was getting by the general population. The video below was recorded by a Fort Hood spouse which is not only her first video that she has ever recorded, but her video journey of the hours of being under lockdown and what that felt.

She didn’t need to speak to a reporter and those wanting to hear instant reactions could just search through YouTube for similar types of videos. Social media gives us all a voice, and that is something that can’t be ignored.


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