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Yankees to Share Key to NYC

This is a good weekend for New York City. On Friday, the Yankees got a key to the city by Major Bloomberg and today there is another presentation, this time a little different. On my way to Boston this morning I encountered folks heading over to the USS New York Comissioning. Spouses and parents of those aboard USS New York were beaming with pride to witness this historic event and to see their loved ones aboard the ship. As I was speaking with a few families that have travled from Virginia to welcome their sailors, it struck me that a most New Yorkers aren’t aware what today represents. When I finished my conversation with those headed to the Comissioning, one of my own friends asked me what is a Comissioning and what is all the big deal with all the people in uniform standing on the street.

I wanted to take this moment to explain what the big deal is about USS New York. For one, the ship was constructed with recyced steel from the 9/11 tragedy. It isn’t often that the New York community gets a heavy military presence with the exception fo Fleet Week which everyone in the city seems to enjoy. A ship that bears New York’s name and will is also in essence serving as a 9/11 memorial. The ship itself is a gigantic structure to be admired and I am very excited that it has made New York its home. It is amazing that amount of support and curiosity that is evoked out of people when they are actually made aware of the matter. The military community has done a good job of engaging in social media to tell the stories of soldiers, airmen sailors and marines across the country. Now it is local and national media’s turn to let us in on the positive and interesting aspects of our military community. It is time to bridge that gap, and I am happy to serve as one small part of keeping my readers informed on what I find interesting. Welcome home USS New York.

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