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An American Flag With a Story

Veteran’s Day has come and gone, and for the Average American it means that the mainstream news will be about the only reminder of the men and women serving overseas. Some of us have even sent care packages or messages of support in honor of Veteran’s Day and we may wonder what the recipients of those packages were thinking and feeling. One particular aviation unit, the 1st Air Cavalry Brigade, 1st Cavalry Division are sending something in return to those that have supported them. This group of aviators sends American flags that they have flown on their missions along with a personalized certificate stating the date the flag was flown, what type of aircraft it was flown in, who the pilot was and that it was flown on a combat mission in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom.

It is the aviators hope that Americans receiving these flags will have a piece of history with them and will know how important their support has been for the unit. These flags have ended up with businesses that supported the troops, schools, individual families and supporters and each flag represents a different story and connects the recipients with those serving overseas.

This is a very personal effort by these aviators and they should be commended for bridging the gap between the military and civilian communities. It is only through efforts like these and exchange of information and support for one another that the communities will grow closer together, From there, appreciation and understanding will begin to surface. The more the civilian community is introduced to the men and women serving our country and more support they will offer and gain a better understanding of exactly what type of person it takes to wear the uniform. These flags are a great conversation starter and a way to share stories about our members of the military and on the meaning of the symbol of freedom, the American flag.


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