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Exclusive: Woody Harrelson & Oren Moverman Thank Military Community

The new military movie, The Messenger has been a hot topic in the news lately. From features in the New York Times, to Woody Harrelson getting a hair cut on the Colbert Report, to Ben Foster doing an interview with CNN, The Messenger has been getting more press than most movies playing right now. In a time of two wars and covering a topic not explored by the main media, it is not surprising that the movie is getting a lot of coverage. I was fortunate enough to get a sneak peak last week, you can read all about it in this entry .

What I would like to shed light on is how seriously the cast and the director of this movie take the military community. Below you can watch a short clip of Woody Harrelson and Oren Moverman personally thanking military bloggers and the community for embracing the film.

As I have mentioned before, this movie reminds us all of the real sacrifices are troops are making and how truly special those that are serving are. Typically, the mainstream media has a habit of not portraying our troops in a great light. I was really thrilled to know that everyone involved with this movie took the time to learn about our troops and their families. They then took that knowledge and represented them in an honest and honorable way. Be sure to see this movie, opens nation wide on November 20th. It will give you a new perspective on our troops, dealing with grief and the importance of relationships.


2 comments on “Exclusive: Woody Harrelson & Oren Moverman Thank Military Community

  1. Steve Regan
    November 16, 2009

    Who is this mainstream media who does not portray our troops in a positive light?

    • majastevanovich
      November 16, 2009


      Movies/shows/articles that cover war or soldiers often focus on more of the negative when representing soldiers, one such example, movie Stop Loss. Then, there are others like this movie that are respectful.


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