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Over $110,000 Raised for Wounded Troops

I am happy to report that the blogging fundraiser ValourIT (Voice Activated Lap Tops for Our Injured Troops) that I had the privilege of participating this year raised $113,124.90 for our wounded troops. The above picture shows caseworkers from last year distributing laptops throughout a particular hospital and this year more lap tops will reach those in need. I wanted to thank everyone that participated in this fundraiser and that generously donated and helped lift our total over $100,000. This year the Marine team raised the most money but as the ValourIT organizers like to say, our wounded troops are the real winners. Thank you to all that donated. You have made a significant impact for our wounded troops and your contribution made a big difference. I predict, team Air Force (my team) will make a big comeback next year and raise the most!

One comment on “Over $110,000 Raised for Wounded Troops

  1. Marylee
    November 19, 2009

    this kind of project has IMPACT. those who participate in it are doing important work, and those who help to spread the word are informing the world. good job Maja. Marylee

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