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Recruiters Say War Increases Interest In Army

When I read the following article I can’t say I was very surprised about young men and women being inspired to defend their country. This was also the case post 9/11; many chose to serve as their way of giving back. It is the last sentence of the article that is interesting and might have been brushed off by readers.

“…lot of applicants does not realize that certain medical issues and police records make them ineligible.”

The military is meeting and exceeding its recruiting numbers, however there are statistics arguing that the youth population is shifting more and more towards the ineligible status; this being true, it should become a cause for concern. To read more about those statistics,

While there are organizations taking it upon themselves to address part of this problem, it will also be up to the military how they will adjust their recruiting strategy to recruit from a smaller pool, most of which falls under the college bound category. While this is not an immediate concern, it is something that has the ability to become a large problem if not addressed properly. Initial steps can be taken by evaluating how the potential ROTC cadets are motivated to serve. To learn more about what a select group of ROTC cadets said when asked about this:


One comment on “Recruiters Say War Increases Interest In Army

  1. Ian
    December 4, 2009

    The military is well aware of the predicted shrinking workforce. I recently attended a briefing between military and business leaders that focused on this issue. The youth of America will increasingly be unable to contribute to society as a productive member and will become a greater liability as a shrinking workforce has to provide the money to pay for the entitlements of the obese, drug addicted, and uneducated. Unfortunately our government is being forced to create government programs to attack symptoms of a greater problem, parental deliquency and neglect. Removing faith, values, and principles from our society has been the catalyst of this decline.

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