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KIA Recognizes Power of Music Influencers

KIA Motors is interested in reaching consumers in their late teens and mid to late twenties, so what did they do? They tapped into a powerful medium, music; even more powerful, the ability of the music artists and bands to influence decisions of the desired target market. Interested in marketing their Soul vehicle, they created the Soul Collective, a ten city, four day program of free music, art and design with headliner concerts on the last day. An effective way to reach the audience that is hard to reach via traditional advertising, KIA chose to test a more cost efficient way to reach its audience.

Kathryn Cima from KIA Motors describes the effort to reach this target:

We wanted to generate interest and awareness of the Soul, so we took the tour to where our target lives, works and plays. It’s about engaging all of these different bands and artists and finding new ways to communicate with people outside the normal ride and drive model. It matches up with where this brand is going and what the car represents for us.

Always nice to find brands willing to step away from traditional methods and look for ways that are most effective when it comes to reaching their desired demographic.


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