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Afghanistan Experience, Through Pictures

The expression a picture is worth a thousand words really strikes as true when an image is so powerful and has the ability to have a profound effect on those viewing it. I came across the work of SSG Adam Mancini and wanted to take this opportunity to highlight it and urge all of you to check out his entire picture collection, as it is truly amazing.

Different news sources have their own agenda when it comes to portraying soldiers and each story is typically meant to create a reaction out of us that isn’t always necessarily positive. After all, we are fighting two wars and the public expects to see gruesome images.

SSG Mancini’s work highlights the side we don’t often see, a human side of soldiers or soldiers reflecting in a place far from home. It is amazing how personality can come through an image, and in some of his pictures, an expression says so much.

I decided to highlight three of my favorite pictures that are all private, quiet, moments that would most likely never make it in the news but are nonetheless extremely powerful and deserve to be seen. 2nd Lt Stratiev, who pointed out SSG Mancini’s work to me, mentioned that there are slight nuances in these photographs that civilian photographers may not be able to capture, moments that they may not know to look for.

After taking the time to view them I think I understand what he means. Please take the time to view SSG Manici’s entire collection here:


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