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Army Steps Up On Social Media Front

Already having a strong presence on social networks such as facebook, twitter and flickr, the Army has gone back to the basics and redesigned their website. This is no ordinary redesign as the new website is a worldclass portal that allows users to customize their experience. Weather a user is a soldier, veteran, family member, troop supporter, or military enthusiast, the site is designed in such a way that each user can make it unique to fit their needs. This has never been done before by any government site, so the US Army becomes a pioneer with this new technology.

Besides being one of the most efficient government and DoD sites on the web, the private sector can learn a thing or two from this effort. Army’s web team has caught onto the notion that everything is about the user and the audience has come to expect customizable everything; from merchandise to experiences to the way they surf the web and find information the costumer is all about fitting their individual needs.

My.Army.Mil allows to user to satisfy their information needs via a series of customizable Widgets. The website itself is deeply rooted in social media strategy as it allows users to have multiple facebook, twitter, flick, youtube Widgets of different Army organizations. If that wasn’t enough, there are also over 50 twibbons available with differnt ranks, commands, units and other general Army support ones. Aside from all the fancy options, there is an RSS widget that allows users to pull in feeds from anywhere. To keep the site unique to each user, there is the ability to sign in with a Google Friend Connect account. To experience for yourself, as it is truly an experience, visit Army’ s website,

It is extremely exciting to see a website as innovative as this one, and a bit of a surprise when it comes from the government sector, especially the military. The website holds great promise in the way the audience will be informed about Army activities and hopefully in the way Army will continue to embrace social media and be one of the leaders in the space.


3 comments on “Army Steps Up On Social Media Front

  1. Robin Favelli
    December 5, 2009

    Wonderful! Just my kind of “thing”! I will use this, definitely. I volunteer my services to veterans. Mostly it’s good just to listen. Listen to anything they have to say. A lot of veterans do not speak out about their experiences. I’m a believer that if one just has someone who listens, never interrupting, that someone will get better in so many ways. Even PTSD, TBI, above depression, can be addressed in this manner.
    I support our troops, wounded warriors, fallen soldiers, and all others in the military who serve our country so we can live with freedom.

  2. Robin Favelli
    December 5, 2009

    In response to my comment above, if I may, Operation First Response is another support for ME! I get information on how to make donations, send letters, etc.

    Thank you in advance for posting this.


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