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Army-Navy Game: Chance to Connect with Potential Officer Candidates

The Army-Navy college football game is a wildly watched sporting event and I am very excited that this year the Army is going one step ahead of traditional advertising and using the game as a way to showcase some of its many career options to the captive audience. Aimed at prospective officer candidates, the Army will highlight its world class, state-of-the-art, high-tech leadership opportunities that military service, specifically the Army offers. A truly experiential effort, the Army will show off a wide variety of equipment and technologies outside the stadium before the game. Some of the things on display for the attendees of the game will be robotic unmanned ground vehicles, a small unmanned aerial vehicle and an armed robotic vehicle.

In addition to the technology on display, the equipment that protects Soldiers in battle will also be displayed including body armor and helmets. In the spirit of a truly experiential effort that leaves the audience with a lasting memory, the attendees will be able to try on the helmets and experience some of the equipment. If all that Army fun wasn’t enough, the attendees also will be able to test their physical skills at a Strength of Body Fitness trailer and, in the Strength of Team Defender element, participate in a team-based, action-packed simulator.

When looking to target prospective officer candidates it is important to supplement traditional advertising (heavily) with activities that target passion points of the demographic the Army is trying to reach. Besides the fact that this effort is most likely much more cost efficient, I believe it will also be much more effective and leave the audience with the Army on its mind more so than any television advertisement out there. It will be interesting to see if these types of outreach efforts will continue and if they will expand on other passion points besides sports.

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