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Remembering Fort Hood

When it comes to tragic events that rattle our communities it seems that they become quickly forgotten. The media overkills the first day or two with all kinds of coverage and then they quickly move on to the next event and everyone goes back to their lives as if nothing ever happened. Of course this doesn’t include those that were actually struck by the tragedy; often times, they lack the support they need to truly be able to get over the horrific events that happened to them. Fort Hood was one of these tragedies. The USO is making an attempt to support that community through a Community Strong event that took place yesterday, December 11 and was held at Hood Stadium, this event will feature free carnival rides, games, food and top-notch celebrity performers one of which being Nick Jonas. The microsite that the USO created gives everyone the opportunity to leave messages of support, donate, or just connect further with this community. Military support organizations, USO being one of them have stepped up numerous times to help the military community cope with tragedy or just provide services and support that the community needs.

This post was created as part of the USO’s Community Strong event at Fort Hood –a day for healing, fun and entertainment to uplift the spirits of the Fort Hood community in the wake of the Nov. 5 shooting incident. You can help show your support for Fort Hood and its more than 349,000 military personnel, family members, retirees and civilian employees by visiting the Community Strong website, Tweeting your support with the #CommunityStrong hashtag, leaving comments on the Official USO Blog and donating to the USO’s ongoing efforts to support our troops.


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