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Jobs Young People Can Only Dream Of

Where can a 20-year old fly a helicopter as their job? Not too many places, in fact, the military is one of the only places where at such a young age an individual is given the chance to take on such responsibility. The interesting thing is, most people, especially the 17-24 are not aware of all the opportunities that the military presents to them. To read a very interesting story about one such individual check out this story that the Army published today

Examples like these show us that those that are not directly affiliated with the military via family members, living in a military community or growing up being an enthusiast, most of us are not aware that the experience gained from service can greatly benefit us down the line, and maybe even be a life long career. When I first started learning about the military, one comment stuck with me, “any career in the civilian word exists in the military community.”

Some of the marketing and advertising efforts that the military has done lately will hopefully help inform more of the population about the different options offered to them through military service. Although the social media efforts are all about exchanging information, engaging the public and sharing stories, it is a great way for those that are curious about the military to get a first hand look that the commercials can’t communicate


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