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Football, Bobsledding & The Army

Many of us that watch football may not be aware of the Army All-American Bowl, a high school football game that features some of the best high school athletes who will soon shine on the NCAA and even NFL stage. This is the tenth anniversary of the Army sponsoring this game; the likes of Adrian Peterson, Tim Tebow and Reggie Bush have played in this game in the past and the game can be seen as a preview of some of the best high school talent from across the country. The Army has shown its commitment for high school athletes and is also using this game as chance for some its current soldiers to attend this event that will be televised nationally on NBC, January 9th

While those that are fighting for our freedoms at times have to go through some tough circumstances, there is a fair share of fun experiences that members of our armed services get to be a part of. In addition to marquee events such as the Army All-American Bowl, surprise visits from celebrities and other similar events, twenty soldiers from the New York Army National Guard will have a unique opportunity on a bobsledding track. Members of Company B, 2nd Battalion, 108th Infantry Regiment, will be serving as brakemen for professional drivers from NASCAR and the National Hot Rod Association (NHRA), who will be competing against each other in efforts to fundraise money for the National Bobsledding team.

Army’s rich tradition in supporting athletes and its involvement in sports has also proven to be a success in the recruiting arena. These events allow potential candidates that may not visit a recruiting office to get their questions answered and see the Army in a different light. Any event that can serve the purpose of increasing troop morale while showing the many faces of the Army to the civilian community is a job well done. Will be interesting to tune in on January 9th and see what the 10th anniversary of the Army All-American Bowl will showcase besides a showing of the future football super stars which itself will be fascinating to football fans.


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