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Sports & Entertainment: Gateway to Motivating Youth

Brands have utilized passion points such as sports, music, television, and movies to sell their products to youth and gain some incredible brand loyalty. Most successful brands have figured out that teens and youth put a great amount of trust in their influencers and that by having a heavy presence where these influences are, brands can start conversations with their market and push and sell their products while having presence in various passion point areas.

While these passion points are used to sell a lot of product, some are using them to get youth motivated towards careers in science, technology, or just any form of service. The Army is using the All-American Bowl to connect to youth to push technology. The U.S. Army Research, Development and Engineering Command (RDECOM) which has a heavy presence at the event has a mission of showing the Army’s strength through technology. Officials say that one of the main reasons the Army sponsors the All-American Bowl is to increase public awareness of Army’s role in developing cutting-edge technology. Aside from showcasing Army careers that are driven by technology the emphasis is to showcase civilian careers in the Army as well and showcase possibilities that most teens may not even be aware of.

“We are here this week to broaden the national perception of the Army by bringing out some of the latest and greatest technology achievements that you wouldn’t normally associate with the Army,” said Katie Everett, RDECOM event coordinator.

Events such as the All-American Bowl have the ability to shed a different light on careers that aren’t often looked upon very favorably by the average teen. iRobot and Raytheon, big defense contractor companies are starting to do their part in using entertainment to garner interest in science and technology. To find out more information about their efforts take a look at this post:

Often, the lack of information about all the opportunities and possibilities is one of the key factors why public service and the military may be overlooked. If passion points were utilized as vehicles to relay that information to youth that is hard to reach, would we see more interest in the public sector? Can media be helpful in this quest?
Take a look at this post to dig deeper into this issue:

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