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Air Force Puts People First

All of the service branches in the military have been putting a lot of effort towards meeting the needs of military families. The services are taking to heart the notion that happy families are more likely to support a decision of their loved one to re-enlist. The Army has been growing in this area and to see how they are embracing the philosophy of “you enlist a solider, but you re-enlist a family “ check out the following:

While all of the branches are addressing this issue, the Air Force has deemed this the year of the Family. Tremendous effort and resources are being put towards growing strong Air Force communities through child care, access to health care programs, access to education and career development programs, and family support activities related to supporting the deployed Airmen and their families. Putting an emphasis on supporting Air Force personnel and their families is not only a big stride towards retention (Air Force has the best rate amongst the services) but it also become a recruitment tool. All the opportunities that are available in the Air Force become more attractive by knowing that the organization is constantly striving to provide family solutions while acknowledging the value of its personnel.

Secretary of the Air Force, Michael Donley visited Lackland AFB in San Antonio and presided over the latest Basic Military Training graduation on January 8th, where he made the below remark that speaks volumes on the commitment the Air Force has towards personnel.

“We are a service that was born out of new technology and emphasizes innovation in many different dimensions, but what makes our Air Force what it is are the Airmen who get the work done. They are the ones who make the equipment operate, who build concepts of operations that link capabilities across our warfighting domains: air, space and cyberspace. It is our Airmen who make all that work together, and we need well trained, experienced, motivated and dedicated Airmen to do that. Additionally, as Air Force leaders it is our top priority and responsibility to ensure our Airmen and their families get the support they need, to enable our Airmen to get the work of the Air Force done.”


One comment on “Air Force Puts People First

  1. Rick
    January 13, 2010

    Great post Maja! This has been a must read blog for me.

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