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Need a Social Media Case Study? Learn from the US Army

It has never been as easy to tell a brand’s story as it is with the capabilities social media offers. It is the ideal way to get to the personality of a brand and learn more about its fan base/audience or costumers. It is no surprise that social media is predicted to be even more of a force in 2010 and companies are still scrambling trying to figure it out. To keep things simple, the goal is to provide compelling content, keep the fan base engaged and actually make them want to come back again. Seems easier said than done, but one entity has truly mastered this concept, and that is the US Army. Engagement with its audience and never failing on providing compelling content are the top reasons why the social media efforts are working.

This blog often discusses the military and how savvy the branches are with the use of social media, particularly twitter, facebook, flickr and youtube. The Army’s portal that was launched in early December can give any social media enthusiast something to be excited about. Customizable, interactive and filled with useful and interesting information, this portal not only informs the public and soldiers on what is going on, but has the ability to entice the visitors to take an active interest in the Army. Actually having used the portal, I am even more impressed with its capabilities then I was when this post was written:

What is even more interesting is the iphone/itouch application designed by Army’s web team, which is amongst the top 25 downloads for news applications. It is no surprise because the application is news and entertainment on the go, Army style. The application is useful to those that are in the Army but can be very entertaining and filled with critical information to those that want to learn more about what the Army does.

Patricia Downs, the deputy director of Army’s Online and Social Media Division had this to say about the application:

“The Army developed the iPhone application to put U.S. Army stories, images and videos in the hand of users. It allows Soldiers and their family members to save their favorite content and to share it over Facebook, Twitter and e-mail. The application also offers several entertainment and informational sections.”

Just like, the mobile application allows users to customize newsfeeds and content to their liking and even has access to videos, pictures, games, facebook and twitter feeds, guaranteeing a captive audience.

The Army does have a great story to tell which makes the social media efforts easier, but keeping a close eye on their efforts can teach us all a thing or two on social media done right.


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