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milBook: A Facebook for the Classified Folks

The classified crowd may not be able to openly discuss and post their statuses on the likes of facebook and twitter, but the new tool milBook may be even better. The Department of Defense community can now share ideas and engage safely behind a DoD firewall. milBook, only one part of a larger milSuite that includes a wiki and a blog shows that the military is adapting to internal communicating systems that many corporations are using to cut down on e-mail and foster engagement and interaction.

The need for collaboration and the ability for communities that may have never met otherwise to interact were the primary drivers for milSuite. Deemed professional networking vs social networking, these sites are meant to enhance productivity while allowing for engagement. One of the biggest challenges has been the ability to remain transparent and facilitate open communication while still remaining true to protecting military and government core duties. As the military is becoming more reliant on technology for all aspect of its operations, it only makes sense that communications systems are relying more so on technology and adapting from social networks that have proven successful.

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