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Leave It Up To The US Army To Send A Tweet From Space

This past week has brought us a few firsts but one that may have slipped under the radar is the first live tweet from space, sent by US Army’s Colonel Creamer. When it comes to a commitment of providing compelling social media content the US Army delivers. Tweeting from space was quite the process prior to NASA’s breakthrough and developing the infrastructure that allows for these tweets; The process actually required tweets to be e-mailed to the ground where support personnel posted them to Colonel Creamer’s account. Now that it is possible to tweet live from space, we should be seeing more from Colonel Creamer and perhaps even get some of questions answered. For updates, follow @Astro_TJ, Colonel Creamer’s account.

It will be interesting to see what else the US Army thinks of to keep its audience informed and to foster engagement and interaction. The capabilities technology offers to keep everyone up to date have proven to be amazing. The military’s use of social media has allowed its audience and followers to feel one step closer to the mission. Now that social media has crossed over to space, it is a good possibility that we’ll be seeing some other unlikely places for tweets to be coming from.

4 comments on “Leave It Up To The US Army To Send A Tweet From Space

  1. david
    January 25, 2010

    The army did not do this; NASA personnel developed the infrastructure to accomplish this.

    • majastevanovich
      January 25, 2010


      Thanks for the clarification. Was simply trying to get a point across that Army personnel are tweeting from interesting locations and giving its audience something compelling. Thanks to NASA for being able to develop such an infrastructure to make this possible, truly amazing.


  2. David
    January 25, 2010


    Fair enough, those Army guys do a lot for us and they deserve recognition.

    • majastevanovich
      January 25, 2010


      Thanks again for pointing that out. I did make an edit so that future readers are aware that NASA was responsible for making it happen. Hope you will come back for another visit!


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