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Army Basic Training Gets a Makeover

We often hear stories that military basic training is one of the hardest things an individual goes through. The military takes great pride in teaching skills necessary for service members to be great at their jobs. Like with any job training, as the market place and priorities change it ends up reflecting on future generations. The Army has deemed it necessary to revamp its physical training to help a more obese generation lacking physical skills get in military shape and do so without injuries. The training will also focus on mental preparation for stress of combat and will heavily focus on Army’s value system.

Today’s soldiers are faced with a different set of challenges than those serving in the past. Facing terrorist strikes and cyber warfare, the Army is adapting its training to better prepare soldiers for today’s battlefields. The key to solider success does end up being the ability to adapt, survive unfamiliar regions and be able to pick up on cultural sensitivities.

Lt. Gen. Mark Hertling, a three star General explains the situation very well:

Today’s soldier in Iraq, Afghanistan, Korea or Bosnia must also be “an ambassador, a doctor, an engineer that fixes roads who can talk with the press person sitting next to him, and yet understand his fellow soldiers and balance a family life on the home front, too. So it is important that soldiers in their earliest training get a basic system of strengths and values to draw on.

As we all face challenges and changes in our own jobs, it is the perfect time to reflect on those serving our country. It takes a special kind of individual to perform in times of uncertainty and overcome what may seem some of the most difficult situations.


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