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Back To The Basics-Lets Do Some Storytelling

We are living in a branded world that seems to be on marketing steroids. Every product or service is fighting to stand out in an extremely cluttered marketplace by trying to outsmart the competition. With so many tools that brands have, it can be easy to forget the basics. One trait that successful brands share is the ability to be exceptional storytellers. Creating compelling experiences through storytelling is one of the best ways to create the connection with the audience.

The use of social media is a perfect avenue for building on the brands story; however, most have not yet capitalized on this concept. Building and maintaining a story aren’t only reserved for online activities; it takes commitment on all aspects of marketing communications. Just take a look at brands like Starbuck and Apple.

Smashing Magazine describes this perfectly:

Starbucks doesn’t want to just sell us a cup of coffee; they want customers to become invested in their story, the ambiance, the community. The goal is to become the “third place” for people (work, home and Starbucks). They say, for them, “It’s really about human connection.”

To get the rest of the article on the importance of storytelling find it here:


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