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Operation Rising Star-American Idol, Military Style

American Idol is great, but how about an American Idol for the military families? The Army Family Covenant is expanding on the popular show and giving Army families their chance to experience the stage. Operation Rising Star is a program that allows military spouses to experience a once in a lifetime opportunity that allows them to record a demo CD and take their shot at stardom.

2009’s winner, Lisa Pratt earned an all-expenses-paid trip to record a three-song demo CD at DMI Music’s Firehouse Recording Studios in Pasadena, CA. To read the complete story on Lisa’s experience and learn more about this program read the story here:

Programs like these are a great way to give back to the backbone of the Army, its families. The military is putting a big focus on not only taking care of families, but also offering unique programs and experiences to those serving and those that are supporting them.

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