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First Responders Return From Haiti

The first responders from the US Army and the US Air Force are returning from Operation Unified Response in Haiti. There is still a lot of work to be done but here is a small glimpse into the work that the nine-member crew from the 729th Airlift Squadron, March Air Reserve Base has accomplished:

•Took 171,400 pounds of cargo and 25 Army and Air Force service members into Haiti

•Airlifted 263 evacuees and aid workers out in a C-17.

•Sent six missions and 40 Airmen to help move cargo into and evacuees out of Haiti since Jan. 15 as part of Operation Unified Response. Evacuated

•More than 900 American citizens and legal aliens to the United States

•Flown in more than 1.5 million pounds of equipment and supplies to Haiti

This is just one small representation of what our military has been able to accomplish. The medical efforts by the Navy and additional rescue mission by the Coast Guard can fill pages. It takes a special kind of person to serve and stories like these remind us of that. For the full stories follow the below links:

US Army South First Responders Return from Haiti:

(Air Force) March C-17 Crew Completes Mission to Haiti:

(Navy) USS Nassau ARG/24th MEU Depart Haiti:

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